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  • ANTURAZH Night Club

    Lviv, 59 Chornovola avenue
  • Restaurant «Aquarelle»

    Zhovkva, Zhovkva, 14a Vokzalna St.
    Restaurant «Aquarelle» in Lviv is spacious, elegant and modern . It comfortably accommodates 250 your guests! Delicious cuisine, excellent service, good location (close to the lake) make the restaurant «Aquarelle» the perfect place to celebrate a wedding, jubilee, birthday or some other outstanding events in life.
  • Restaurant & Brewery «Bavaria»

    Pustomyty, 15 Kozatska St., Pustomyty
  • Benketnyy Dim

    Lviv, 184 A Zelena St.
  • Banquet Hall «Capital»

    Lviv, 50/52 Promyslova St.
    Banquet Hall «Capital» in Lviv is an establishment in which important events in life are simply doomed to be good and memorable. Your banquet or other celebration - it is always impeccable cuisine, good service and reasonable prices.
  • City Вowling Night Club

    Sokilnyky, 30 Stryys'ka St. (KING CROSS Leopolis shopping center)
  • Banquet hall in Dnister Premier Hotel

    Lviv, 6 Mateyka St.
  • Restaurant «Dykanka»

    Kulykiv, smt. Kulykiv, str. Nezalezhnosti, 11 ( 12 km. trasy Lviv - Rava-Ruska )
  • Elita Restaurant

    Lviv, str. Gorodotska, 85
  • Hotel «Europe»

    Solonka, v. Solonka, 31 Stryyska St.
  • Banquet Hall «Galaktika»

    Vynnyky, str. Galytska, 21b
  • Hotel «Galaktyka»

    Lviv, Vynnyky, 21b Galytska St.
  • Resort Complex «Grand Resort»

    Basivka, v. Basivka
  • Hotel «Hetman»

    Lviv, 50 Volodymyr Velyky St.
  • Holodnyi Mykola Restaurant

    Lviv, 352 Stryiska St.
  • Gostynna Khata Restaurant («Hospitable House»)

    Obroshyne, Obroshyno (trasa Lviv-Sambir, ne dojizhdzhayuchy do Obroshyno po livu ruku)
  • Restaurant «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda»

    Lviv, 2a Volodymyr Velyky St.
    Restaurant «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda» in Lviv. Address: Lviv, 2a Volodymyr Velyky St., 3D photos, menu, prices and description, reviews. Restaurant «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda» on Lviv map. Bon appetit!
  • Banquet Hall «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda»

    Lviv, 2a Volodymyr Velyky St.
    Banquet Hall «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda» in Lviv. Address: Lviv, 2a Volodymyr Velyky St., 3D photos, menu, prices and description, reviews. Banquet Hall «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda» on Lviv map. Bon appetit!
  • Brewery «Kumpel»

    Lviv, 2 Б Chornovola ave.
  • Banquet hall «Quorum»

    Lviv, Zemlerobna St. 24
  • Hotel «Lviv»

    Lviv, 7 Chornovil Ave.
  • Hotel «Mars»

    Malekhiv, 16 Kyivs'ka St.
  • Banquet Hall «Navaria Nova»

    Navariya, Navariya
  • Hotel «Navariya Nova»

    Navariya, Pustomyty Region, v. Navariya
  • Restaurant «Navariya Nova»

    Navariya, Navariya
  • Restaurant «Oasis»

    Lviv, avenue Chervonoji Kalyny , 35
  • Banquet Hall «Ozerny Kraj»

    Pustomyty, str. Stavkova, 60
  • Hotel & Resort «Ozerny Kray»

    Pustomyty, 60 Stavkova St.
  • Restaurant «Ozernyi Kray»

    Pustomyty, Pustomyty, 60 Stavkova St.
  • Entertainment Complex «Parc»

    Zhovkva, str. Bandery, 3 a
  • Picasso Night club

    Lviv, Zelena str., 88
  • Banquet hall «Reikartz Dworzec»

    Lviv, str. Gorodotska, 107
  • Pub «Robert Doms' beer house»

    Lviv, 18 Kleparivska St.
    Pub & Restaurant «Robert Doms» in Lviv. Address: Lviv, 18 Kleparivska St. Live beer, 3D photo, menu and prices, photo and reviews. «Robert Doms' beer house» n Lviv map. Bon appetit!
  • Restaurant «Santino»

    Navariya, Lvivska oblast, Pustomytivskyj r-n, s. Navariya
  • Restaurant «Skifia»

    Zymna Voda, s. Zymna Voda, str.Opilskogo,15
  • Split Show-Bar

    Lviv, square Mitskevycha, 6/7
  • Hotel «Suputnyk»

    Lviv, 116 Knyagynya Olga St.
  • Restaurant «Sviatoslav»

    Lviv, Vynnyky, str. Franka, 53-b
  • Hotel «Svyatoslav»

    Vynnyky, Vynnyky, 53b Franko St.
  • Banquet Hall «Svyatoslav»

    Lviv, Vynnyky, 53b Franko St.
  • Restaurant «Tartak»

    Lviv, str. Gorodotska, 222
  • Taurus Hotel

    Lviv, Knyazya Svyatoslava sq., 5
  • Banquet Hall «The Lake»

    Navariya, Navariya
  • Restaurant «Viktoria»

    Obroshyne, 12-b Shashkevycha St.
  • Hotel «Viktoria»

    Obroshyne, 12-b Shashkevicha St.
  • Restaurant «Zeppelin»

    Lviv, avenue Chornovola, 59
  • Zolotyi Kolos Restaurant

    Obroshyne, 2 Hrushevskoho St.
  • Warszawa Hotel

    Malekhiv, Lviv-Malekhiv ( Rava-Rus'ka road), 1 Zhovkivs'ka Str.
    Warszawa 3 Stars Hotel in Lviv is a noble elegance and modern service which you feel from the first to the last minute of your stay in this establishment. Varshava Hotel-restaurant is located on the 1st km of the motorway Lviv-Rava Ruska far from the noise and routine in a picturesque corner of the Malekhiv village (Zhovkivsky district).
  • Medic Sports and Entertainment Complex

    Lviv, 24 Horbachevskoho St.
    Medic Sports and Entertainment Complex in Lviv is located in the beautiful parkland on the outskirts of the center - a great place for a family recreation or rest with friends.
  • Knyazhyy Dvir Restaurant

    Sokilnyky, s.Sokilnyky, str.Lesi Ukrajinky, 17

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