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  • Balaton Restaurant

    Lviv, 11 Mazepa St.
  • Restaurant «Kilikiya»

    Lviv, str. Virmenska, 13
  • Ratusha Cafe

    Lviv, 1 Market Square
  • Restaurant «Santino»

    Navariya, Lvivska oblast, Pustomytivskyj r-n, s. Navariya
  • Vapiano Restaurant

    Lviv, 12-A Hnatyuka St.
    Restaurant of Italian cuisine «Vapiano» in Lviv is for all who love dishes made by professionals. Here You can participate in a preparation of your dishes. Menu delights the gourmets and You will be amazed by comfort, professionalism and quality of service. Here are 3D photos of restaurant, address, menu and prices.
  • The Gas Station Pub & Restaurant

    Lviv, 20 Dzherel'na Str.
    The Gas Station Pub & Restaurant in Lviv is a magnetic place that attracts real fans of active and refined rest. This is the first bikers’ pub and show rock restaurant where citizens of Lviv and its guests have an opportunity to enjoy a truly modern pub culture.
  • Green Hills Park Cafe

    Lviv, str. Glinky, 7
  • Styl' Banquet Hall

    Zhovkva, Zhovkva, 5 Hasyna St.
  • Vasylyna Restaurant
    Lviv, Vynnyky, 45 Galyts'ka St.
  • Leopolis Restaurant
    Lviv, str. Teatralna,16
  • Aroma Cafe
    Lviv, 11 Kopernika St.

Objects found: 12
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