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  • Restaurant «Amadeus»

    Lviv, square Katedralna, 7
  • Restaurant «Aquarelle»

    Zhovkva, Zhovkva, 14a Vokzalna St.
    Restaurant «Aquarelle» in Lviv is spacious, elegant and modern . It comfortably accommodates 250 your guests! Delicious cuisine, excellent service, good location (close to the lake) make the restaurant «Aquarelle» the perfect place to celebrate a wedding, jubilee, birthday or some other outstanding events in life.
  • Bachevski Restaurant

    Lviv, 8 Shevska St.
  • Bagrationi Restaurant

    Lviv, 59 Chornovola Av.
  • Balaton Restaurant

    Lviv, 11 Mazepa St.
  • Restaurant BarB.Q.

    Lviv, Prospekt Svobody, 1/3
  • Restaurant «Beehive»

    Lviv, str. Grushevskogo, 16
  • Restaurant «Dykanka»

    Kulykiv, smt. Kulykiv, str. Nezalezhnosti, 11 ( 12 km. trasy Lviv - Rava-Ruska )
  • Restaurant «Edelweiss»

    Pustomyty, 1 Sadova St.
  • Elita Restaurant

    Lviv, str. Gorodotska, 85
  • Shynok «Faino Ye»

    Lviv, 164 Zelena ST.
  • Home restaurant "Galushko"

    Lviv, Djohara Dudaeva ST., 16
  • Geneva Restaurant

    Lviv, 6 Kostyushko str.
  • Gostynna Khata Restaurant («Hospitable House»)

    Obroshyne, Obroshyno (trasa Lviv-Sambir, ne dojizhdzhayuchy do Obroshyno po livu ruku)
  • Hungry Nicholas Restaurant

    Lviv, 352 Stryiska St.
  • Restaurant «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda»

    Lviv, 2a Volodymyr Velyky St.
    Restaurant «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda» in Lviv. Address: Lviv, 2a Volodymyr Velyky St., 3D photos, menu, prices and description, reviews. Restaurant «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda» on Lviv map. Bon appetit!
  • Restaurant - café - banquet hall "Jem"

    Rakovets, Rakovets, the route Kyiv-Chop (17 km from the city. Lviv)
  • Restaurant «Jolly Roger»

    Lviv, 15 Kyivska St.
  • KarpatSka, Carpathian cuisine kneipp

    Lviv, 29 Virmenska St.
  • Komora Restaurant

    Obroshyne, v. Obroshyno, 11 Dovga Street (150 m left at the entrance to Obroshyno)
  • Brewery «Kumpel»

    Lviv, 2 Б Chornovola ave.
  • Restaurant «Kupol»

    Lviv, str. Chajkovskogo, 37
  • Restaurant «La Famiglia»

    Lviv, 2 Dovzhenka St.
  • L'amour Restaurant

    Zymna Voda, 2-A Shukhevycha St.
  • Restaurant «Leopolia»

    Lviv, str. Syhivska, 22
  • Love & Lviv family restaurant

    Lviv, 66 Stryiska St.
  • Restaurant «Na Ozeri» («On The Lake»)

    Lviv, str. Povitryana, 2b
  • Restaurant «Navariya Nova»

    Navariya, Navariya
  • Restaurant «Nostalgia»

    Lviv, str. Serbska, 6
  • Restaurant «Oasis»

    Lviv, avenue Chervonoji Kalyny , 35
  • Restaurant «Ozernyi Kray»

    Pustomyty, Pustomyty, 60 Stavkova St.
  • Restaurant «Ozero» («The Lake»)

    Navariya, Navariya
  • Panorama Restaurant

    Lviv, 45 Svobody avenue
    Want to see the center of Lviv at a glance? Panorama Restaurant at the Opera hotel in Lviv invites all visitors to enjoy unsurpassed views over the city from the comfortable terrace or in the hall.
  • Pidpilnyi Kindrat

    Lviv, Valova St., 25
  • Restaurant «Santino»

    Navariya, Lvivska oblast, Pustomytivskyj r-n, s. Navariya
  • Restaurant «Seventh Heaven»

    Lviv, Rudno, str. Volodymyra Velykogo, 3 b
  • Szkocka Restaurant & Bar

    Lviv, 27 Shevchenko Av.
  • Restaurant «Skifia»

    Zymna Voda, s. Zymna Voda, str.Opilskogo,15
  • Restaurant «Split-Lviv»

    Lviv, square Mitskevycha, 6/7
  • Restaurant «Sviatoslav»

    Lviv, Vynnyky, str. Franka, 53-b
  • Restaurant «Tartak»

    Lviv, str. Gorodotska, 222
  • Tlustyi Husak Restaurant

    Lviv, 20 Lesi Ukrainky St.
    Restaurant medieval cuisine "Tlustyy Goose" in the historical center of the city: original dishes and drinks according to old recipes and wildfowl, cozy atmosphere and interesting thematic programs, accompanied by live music. Daily breakfast and business lunches.
  • Restaurant «Tree Oscars»

    Lviv, str. Vashyngtona, 5 a
  • Vapiano Restaurant

    Lviv, 12-A Hnatyuka St.
    Restaurant of Italian cuisine «Vapiano» in Lviv is for all who love dishes made by professionals. Here You can participate in a preparation of your dishes. Menu delights the gourmets and You will be amazed by comfort, professionalism and quality of service. Here are 3D photos of restaurant, address, menu and prices.
  • Veseli Penky Restaurant

    Pasiky Zubrytski, 120 Mazepy St.
  • Restaurant «Viktoria»

    Obroshyne, 12-b Shashkevycha St.
  • Villa Austria restaurant

    Nahoryany, Pustomyty region, Nahoryany v., 14 Nalyvauka Str.
    Villa Austria restaurant in Lviv (Nahoryany) is located in a picturesque corner on the shore of Navariya lake at the crossroads leading to Solonka and Malechkovychi. Villa Austria is a place that is created with memories of magnificent Austro-Hungarian Empire. Constructed with good thoughts and a pure heart by people and for people who wo
  • Vintage Nouveau

    Lviv, str. Staroevrejska, 25/27
  • Warszawa Restaurant

    Lviv, Lviv-Malekhiv, 1 Zhovkivs'ka Str.
    The real highlight of the Warszawa hotel complex in Lviv (v. Malehiv) is its restaurant - a holiday of aesthetic taste and culinary arts. Guests can have breakfast (breakfast is - 60 UAH), lunch or dinner, enjoy more than 200 Mediterranean dishes and national cuisine according to original recipes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • Restaurant «Zeppelin»

    Lviv, avenue Chornovola, 59

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