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  • Hotel «Cassiopeia»

    Lviv, 129 Kul'parkivska St.
  • Banquet Hall «Galaktika»

    Vynnyky, str. Galytska, 21b
  • Hotel «Galaktyka»

    Lviv, Vynnyky, 21b Galytska St.
  • Hotel «Mars»

    Malekhiv, 16 Kyivs'ka St.
  • Sauna bath Olimp-center

    Lviv, str. Navrotskogo, 25
  • Hotel & Resort «Ozerny Kray»

    Pustomyty, 60 Stavkova St.
  • Restaurant «Ozernyi Kray»

    Pustomyty, Pustomyty, 60 Stavkova St.
  • Entertainment Complex «Parc»

    Zhovkva, str. Bandery, 3 a
  • Restaurant «Sviatoslav»

    Lviv, Vynnyky, str. Franka, 53-b
  • Hotel «Svyatoslav»

    Vynnyky, Vynnyky, 53b Franko St.
  • Warszawa Restaurant

    Lviv, Lviv-Malekhiv, 1 Zhovkivs'ka Str.
    The real highlight of the Warszawa hotel complex in Lviv (v. Malehiv) is its restaurant - a holiday of aesthetic taste and culinary arts. Guests can have breakfast (breakfast is - 60 UAH), lunch or dinner, enjoy more than 200 Mediterranean dishes and national cuisine according to original recipes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • Warszawa Hotel

    Malekhiv, Lviv-Malekhiv ( Rava-Rus'ka road), 1 Zhovkivs'ka Str.
    Warszawa 3 Stars Hotel in Lviv is a noble elegance and modern service which you feel from the first to the last minute of your stay in this establishment. Varshava Hotel-restaurant is located on the 1st km of the motorway Lviv-Rava Ruska far from the noise and routine in a picturesque corner of the Malekhiv village (Zhovkivsky district).
  • Billiards Kasiopeja -Plus

    Lviv, str. Kulparkivska, 129
  • Banquet hall Fazenda na Goncharah

    Lviv, s. Gonchari, 6 km vid Lvova v napryamku Davydova
  • Cassiopeia Banquet Hall

    Lviv, 129 Kulparkivska St.
  • Palada Hotel

    Lviv, 408 Zelena str.
    Palada 3 Stars Hotel in Lviv invites you to relax in comfortable modern rooms with breakfast included (4 menu options to choose). Here are all services, facilities and necessary attributes in the room for you. Providing of additional beds is possible, as well as children under 6 years with existing bedding stay free of charge.
  • Warszawa Banquet Hall

    Malekhiv, Lviv-Malekhiv, 1 Zhovkivs'ka Str.
    Warszawa Banquet Hall in Lviv (Malekhiv v.) is designed in luxurious classical style and perfect for the holiday up to 400 people (from 300 UAH per person). There are 10 cozy pavilions that will fascinate guests with its elegant outdoor recreation.
  • Lviv Outskirts Restaurant

    Ryasne-Ruske, 3 Kil'tseva Str.
    Lviv Outskirts Restaurant (Ryasno-Rus’ka v., Lviv region) — is an exquisite mysterious world of culinary arts. Visiting Lviv Outskirts restaurant you will immediately feel emotional comfort and high spirits. The atmosphere of coziness and deep harmony will fascinate you from the first minute of stay.
  • Styl' Banquet Hall

    Zhovkva, Zhovkva, 5 Hasyna St.
  • Hotel and recreation complex "Boomerang"

    Lviv, Rudnenska st. 14-A
  • ARTFUN Bar
    Lviv, 6 Danylyshyna St.
  • Night club «Mi100»
    Lviv, str. Naukova, 7
  • Night club «ZanziBar»
    Lviv, str. Lypynskogo, 36
  • Restaurant «Zanzibar»
    Lviv, 36 Lypyns'koho Str.
  • Restaurant & Hotel «Zlata»
    Pustomyty, Pustomyty, 11b Grushevsky St.
  • Sauna bath Camelija
    Lviv, avenue Chervonoji Kalyny, 71
  • Lviv, s. Obroshyno, str. Franka, 21
  • Berkley Sport Pub
    Lviv, 15a Kerchens'ka St.

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