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  • Hotel «Status»

    Malekhiv, 6 Kyivs'ka St.
    Hotel-restaurant «Status»3 * in Lviv (Malekhiv) creates an exceptional atmosphere, a unique environment for your holiday with the care of professional and friendly staff. You will remember the interior features and character of the hotel.
  • Hotel «Suputnyk»

    Lviv, 116 Knyagynya Olga St.
  • Hotel «Svyatoslav»

    Vynnyky, Vynnyky, 53b Franko St.
  • Taurus Hotel

    Lviv, Knyazya Svyatoslava sq., 5
  • Taurus City Hotel

    Lviv, 9 Kniazia Sviatoslava Sq.
  • Terminal-A Hotel & Restaurant

    Ryasne-Ruske, (Lviv) 2A Nalyvaika St.
  • Banquet Hall «The Seventh Sky»

    Lviv, Rudno, 3b Volodymyr Velyky St.
    Banquet Hall «The Seventh Sky» in Lviv. Address: Lviv (Rudno), 3b Volodymyr Veluky St. 3D photos, menu and prices, description and reviews. Restaurant «The Seventh Sky» on Lviv map. Bon appetit!
  • Villa Austria restaurant

    Nahoryany, Pustomyty region, Nahoryany v., 14 Nalyvauka Str.
    Villa Austria restaurant in Lviv (Nahoryany) is located in a picturesque corner on the shore of Navariya lake at the crossroads leading to Solonka and Malechkovychi. Villa Austria is a place that is created with memories of magnificent Austro-Hungarian Empire. Constructed with good thoughts and a pure heart by people and for people who wo
  • Hotel «Zakhar Berkut»

    Volosyanka, v. Volosyanka, 1 B. Hmelnytsky St.
  • Atlas DeLuxe Hotel

    Lviv, 27 Shevchenko av.
  • Warszawa Hotel

    Malekhiv, Lviv-Malekhiv ( Rava-Rus'ka road), 1 Zhovkivs'ka Str.
    Warszawa 3 Stars Hotel in Lviv is a noble elegance and modern service which you feel from the first to the last minute of your stay in this establishment. Varshava Hotel-restaurant is located on the 1st km of the motorway Lviv-Rava Ruska far from the noise and routine in a picturesque corner of the Malekhiv village (Zhovkivsky district).
  • Kopa Restaurant

    Pasiky Zubrytski, ring road
  • Aquarius Eco-Grill-Restaurant Hotel

    Lviv, Bryuhovychi, 6 Makarenko St.
  • Chornohora Hotel and restaurant complex

    Kalush, Kalush district (Ivano-Frankivsk region), v.Mostyshche, Poharyshche str., 1 a
  • Knyazhyy Dvir Restaurant

    Sokilnyky, s.Sokilnyky, str.Lesi Ukrajinky, 17
  • Banquet hall Fazenda na Goncharah

    Lviv, s. Gonchari, 6 km vid Lvova v napryamku Davydova
  • Halitsiya Hotel Complex

    Lviv, Sokilnyky, Lviv Ring Road
  • Swiss Hotel

    Lviv, 22 Knyazya Romana St.
    Swiss 4* Hotel in Lviv is a place where you should star exploring Lviv. Lviv is famous for good entertainment, great historical monuments, hospitality and friendliness to its guests. This wonderful hotel is located in the city center on Knyazya Romana street, offers excellent accommodation, great service, incredible amount of special off
  • Na Ozeri Hotel

    Lviv, 2b Povitryana St.
  • Palada Hotel

    Lviv, 408 Zelena str.
    Palada 3 Stars Hotel in Lviv invites you to relax in comfortable modern rooms with breakfast included (4 menu options to choose). Here are all services, facilities and necessary attributes in the room for you. Providing of additional beds is possible, as well as children under 6 years with existing bedding stay free of charge.
  • Pearl of the Carpathians Hotel

    Slavske, v. Slavske, 43b I.Franko St.
  • 4 Seasons Resort Complex

    Slavske, 105 Shevchenka St.
  • Chagari Restaurant & Hotel

    Lypnyky, 111 Stryiska St.
  • Fazenda Restaurant

    Nakonechne, Yavoriv district, v. Nakonechne, Franka I. st. 273 a
    Fazenda restaurant in Lviv (v. Nakonechne, Yavoriv district) is a place for a complex recreation, where restaurant with a high level of service is combined with comfortable rooms to relax after a good celebration.
  • Jam Hotel Gnatyuk

    Lviv, 6 Hnatiuka St.
  • Hotel and recreation complex "Boomerang"

    Lviv, Rudnenska st. 14-A
  • Conference Center of Jam Hotel

    Lviv, 18-A Kopernika St.
  • Skifia Hotel

    Zymna Voda, 15 Opil's'kogo str.
  • Syanya Restaurant & Recreation Complex

    Rakovets, 76 Tsentral’na St.
  • Hostel

    Lviv, 15 Romanchuka St.
  • Lviv Lucky Hostel

    Lviv, 11 Kulisha St.
  • Oberih Hotel Complex

    Morshyn, 54 a Ivana Franka Str.
    Morshyn Oberih Hotel Complex (Lviv region), which is located near the mineral water pump-room of this resort town, is the place where you can feel a high level of Ukrainian hospitality!
  • Het'man Restaurant

    Lviv, 50 Volodymyra Velykogo Street
  • Vezha Vedmezha Hotel

    Volosyanka, 1 Opryshkiv St.
  • Express Voyage Hotel

    Lviv, 65 Dzerel'na St.
  • Lviv Outskirts Restaurant

    Ryasne-Ruske, 3 Kil'tseva Str.
    Lviv Outskirts Restaurant (Ryasno-Rus’ka v., Lviv region) — is an exquisite mysterious world of culinary arts. Visiting Lviv Outskirts restaurant you will immediately feel emotional comfort and high spirits. The atmosphere of coziness and deep harmony will fascinate you from the first minute of stay.
  • Truskavets, provulok Tyhyj, 7
  • Morshinska vezha Recreational and Entertainment Complex

    Morshyn, Morshyn, 1a 50-richchya UPA Str.
  • Oasis Cafe-bar

    Solonka, Tsentralna 1 St.
  • Truskavets
  • Hotel Complex "Argo"

    Lviv, 186 Shevchenko St.
  • Kopa Hotel-Restaurant

    Pasiky Zubrytski, circuit road
  • Lviv vocational college of tourism and hotel and restaurant service

    Lviv, 38 Pulyuya Str.
    Lviv vocational college of tourism and hotel and restaurant service warmly and friendly welcomes its guests to stop in bright and spacious rooms with all the amenities. In addition to personal comfort for each guest there is also an opportunity to hold seminars and conferences, there is a conference hall for 300 people with all the necess
  • Prolisok Sanatorium

    Morshyn, str. Proliskova, 10
    Prolisok Sanatorium in Morshyn (Lviv region) invites you to spend a vacation and strengthen your health near the Carpathian Mountains. You can buy a permit, the cost of which includes the following treatments
  • Park Hotel

    Morshyn, Morshyn, I.Franka str., 43
    Park Hotel in Morshyn (Lviv region) is a comfortable modern hotel in the heart of the Morshyn resort, and is situated 120 m from the mineral water pump room and 200 m from the railway station. It was built in 2012. It offers cozy and comfortable rooms at reasonable prices, free internet access, all hotel services, that are provided at a h
  • Valentyna Hotel

    Lviv, Bryuhovychi, 7 Yasna St.
    Valentyna 3 * Hotel in Lviv (Bryukhovychi) is one of the most comfortable hotels in Lviv because of its remarkably convenient location, tidiness and pure elegance. Hotel offers a free daily shuttle for guests from the hotel to the Opera House and back.
  • 10 Rooms
    Lviv, Stepana Bandery ST., 29
  • 12 chairs Hostel
    Lviv, 90 Ivana Franka St.
  • 4Rooms Hostel
    Lviv, 8B Ustyianovycha St.

Objects found: 772
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