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Chocolate Museum «AVK»

Lviv Museum "Chocolate Land" is not only the place with interesting sweet exhibits but charming and unforgettable world where everyone can try something new and discover something great!

Lviv, Sq. Rynok, Italian court, 3rd floor
+38 (095) 706 65 05


The key goal of ICONART Lviv Gallery is to present quality pieces of sacral art, to assert the direct contact of art and spirituality, to create a positive image of contemporary Ukrainian sacred art in the world. All who care about the deep world of sacred creations are welcome here.

Lviv, str. Virmenska 26
+38 (032) 235 52 95

Gallery LvivArt

Lviv, str. Lesi Ukrajinky, 21
+38 (032) 235 56 65, +38 (067) 476 05 10

Shevchenko Hai Ethno Park

Museum «Shevchenko Hai» ethno-park in Lviv (skansen) invites You to cognitive walk, during which You can see the original buildings of the past centuries from Western Ukraine. In the site You may see the location on a map and 3D tour of the museum.

Lviv, str. Chernecha gora, 1
+38 (032) 271 21 04, +38 (099) 376 10 16, +38 (068) 525 91 85


Lviv Regional Puppet Theatre

Lviv Puppet Theatre began its activity in April 15, 1946 with the premier play of Ivasik-Telesyk folk tale. Among the children's performances there are performances of folk and literary, both Ukrainian and world tales "Koza-Dereza", "Pan Kots'ky", "Painted Fox" (I. Franko), "The Snow Queen" (G. -K. Andersen), "Rikki-tikki-Tavi" (R. Kiplin

Lviv, square Danyla Galytskogo, 1
+38 (032) 235 58 32

House of Scientists

House of scientists in Lviv — a former aristocratic casino, noble casino, popular casino, Gerhard casino — is architectural monument, located in the central part of the city. The authors of the project were known Viennese architects H.Helmer and F.Felner (authors of the Odessa Opera House).

Lviv, 6 Lystopadovoho Chynu St.
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