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  • Hotel «Cassiopeia»

    Lviv, 129 Kul'parkivska St.
  • Chavered Manor

    Derevach, 25 Lvivska St.
  • Premier Hotel Dnister

    Lviv, 6 Mateyka St.
    4* Dnister Premier Hotel is located in the historic center of Lviv near the old park. Great modern hotel immediately attracts your attention among low urban buildings. The hotel offers great views of the city and the High Castle.
  • Motel «Dykanka»

    Kulykiv, smt. Kulykiv, str. Nezalezhnosti, 11 ( 12 km. trasy Lviv - Rava-Ruska )
  • Hotel «Galaktyka»

    Lviv, Vynnyky, 21b Galytska St.
  • Hotel «Hetman»

    Lviv, 50 Volodymyr Velyky St.
  • Inn Lviv Guesthouse

    Lviv, 15 Romanchuka St.
  • Hotel «Irena»

    Lviv, 21 Storozhenko St.
  • Hotel «Jam» Rakovets

  • Jam Hotel on Kopernika Street

    Lviv, 18-A Kopernika St.
  • Restaurant - café - banquet hall "Jem"

    Rakovets, the route Kyiv-Chop (17 km from Lviv)
  • Restaurant-brewery «Kumpel»

    Lviv, str. Vynnychenka, 6
  • Hotel «Mars»

    Malekhiv, 16 Kyivs'ka St.
  • Hotel «Navariya Nova»

    Navariya, Pustomyty Region, v. Navariya
  • Sauna bath Olimp-center

    Lviv, str. Navrotskogo, 25
  • Hotel & Resort «Ozerny Kray»

    Pustomyty, 60 Stavkova St.
  • Szkocka Restaurant & Bar

    Lviv, 27 Shevchenko Av.
  • Hotel «Status»

    Malekhiv, 6 Kyivs'ka St.
    Hotel-restaurant «Status»3 * in Lviv (Malekhiv) creates an exceptional atmosphere, a unique environment for your holiday with the care of professional and friendly staff. You will remember the interior features and character of the hotel.
  • Hotel «Suputnyk»

    Lviv, 116 Knyagynya Olga St.
  • Warszawa Restaurant

    Lviv, Lviv-Malekhiv, 1 Zhovkivs'ka Str.
    The real highlight of the Warszawa hotel complex in Lviv (v. Malehiv) is its restaurant - a holiday of aesthetic taste and culinary arts. Guests can have breakfast (breakfast is - 60 UAH), lunch or dinner, enjoy more than 200 Mediterranean dishes and national cuisine according to original recipes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • Atlas DeLuxe Hotel

    Lviv, 27 Shevchenko av.
  • Warszawa Hotel

    Malekhiv, Lviv-Malekhiv ( Rava-Rus'ka road), 1 Zhovkivs'ka Str.
    Warszawa 3 Stars Hotel in Lviv is a noble elegance and modern service which you feel from the first to the last minute of your stay in this establishment. Varshava Hotel-restaurant is located on the 1st km of the motorway Lviv-Rava Ruska far from the noise and routine in a picturesque corner of the Malekhiv village (Zhovkivsky district).
  • Kopa Restaurant

    Pasiky Zubrytski, ring road
  • Swiss Hotel

    Lviv, 22 Knyazya Romana St.
    Swiss 4* Hotel in Lviv is a place where you should star exploring Lviv. Lviv is famous for good entertainment, great historical monuments, hospitality and friendliness to its guests. This wonderful hotel is located in the city center on Knyazya Romana street, offers excellent accommodation, great service, incredible amount of special off
  • Chagari Restaurant & Hotel

    Lypnyky, 111 Stryiska St.
  • Jam Hotel Gnatyuk

    Lviv, 6 Hnatiuka St.
  • Conference Center of Jam Hotel

    Lviv, 18-A Kopernika St.
  • Skifia Hotel

    Zymna Voda, Zymna Voda v., 15 Opil's'kogo str.
  • Syanya Restaurant & Recreation Complex

    Rakovets, 76 Tsentral’na St.
  • Hostel

    Lviv, 15 Romanchuka St.
  • Sauna bath Aleksandria

    Lviv, 109 Zelena St.
  • Suputnyk Restaurant

    Lviv, 116 Kn.Olgy Str.
    Restaurant in Suputnyk hotel in Lviv invites its guests for delicious dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine and also offers various styles in hall decorating so you can choose what you like the most.
  • Hotel & SPA Pysanka

    Lviv, 10 Lincoln St.
  • Oasis Cafe-bar

    Solonka, Tsentralna 1 St.
  • Kopa Hotel-Restaurant

    Pasiky Zubrytski, circuit road
  • Warszawa Banquet Hall

    Malekhiv, Lviv-Malekhiv, 1 Zhovkivs'ka Str.
    Warszawa Banquet Hall in Lviv (Malekhiv v.) is designed in luxurious classical style and perfect for the holiday up to 400 people (from 300 UAH per person). There are 10 cozy pavilions that will fascinate guests with its elegant outdoor recreation.
  • Valentyna Hotel

    Lviv, Bryuhovychi, 7 Yasna St.
    Valentyna 3 * Hotel in Lviv (Bryukhovychi) is one of the most comfortable hotels in Lviv because of its remarkably convenient location, tidiness and pure elegance. Hotel offers a free daily shuttle for guests from the hotel to the Opera House and back.
  • Art pub «Big Plate»
    Lviv, 3 Mentsynskoho St.
  • Pizzeria «Big Plate»
    Lviv, 67 Chornovola ave.
  • GAZDA Cafe
    Lviv, 31 Svobody Ave.
  • Hotel «Lviv»
    Lviv, 7 Chornovil Ave.
  • Lviv Croissant
    Lviv, 1 Kavaleridze St.
  • Lviv Croissant
    Lviv, 17 Nekrasova St.
  • Lviv Croissant
    Lviv, 1 Smal-Stotckoho St.
  • Lviv Croissant
    Lviv, 45-B Sheptytskykh St.
  • Lviv Croissant
    Lviv, 87 Horodotska St.
  • Lviv Croissant
    Lviv, 18 Kniazia Romana St.
  • Lviv Croissant
    Lviv, 5 Staroevreiska St.
  • Lviv Croissant
    Lviv, 9 Svobody ave.

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