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  • Agrus Coffee-Confectionery

    Lviv, 12 Rileeva St.
  • «T.G.Amigos Steak House»

    Lviv, Kniaza Romana St., 26
  • Restaurant «Aquarelle»

    Zhovkva, Zhovkva, 14a Vokzalna St.
    Restaurant «Aquarelle» in Lviv is spacious, elegant and modern . It comfortably accommodates 250 your guests! Delicious cuisine, excellent service, good location (close to the lake) make the restaurant «Aquarelle» the perfect place to celebrate a wedding, jubilee, birthday or some other outstanding events in life.
  • Balaton Restaurant

    Lviv, 11 Mazepa St.
  • Restaurant «Beehive»

    Lviv, str. Grushevskogo, 16
  • Cork Irish Pub

    Lviv, 5 Kryva Lypa Lane
  • De Luxe Cafe

    Lviv, 2 Volodymyr Velykyi St.
  • De Luxe night club | karaoke | restaurant

    Lviv, 2 Volodymyr Velykyi St.
  • Premier Hotel Dnister

    Lviv, 6 Mateyka St.
    4* Dnister Premier Hotel is located in the historic center of Lviv near the old park. Great modern hotel immediately attracts your attention among low urban buildings. The hotel offers great views of the city and the High Castle.
  • Motel «Dykanka»

    Kulykiv, smt. Kulykiv, str. Nezalezhnosti, 11 ( 12 km. trasy Lviv - Rava-Ruska )
  • Restaurant «Dynamo Blues»

    Lviv, str. Stusa, 4
  • Elita Restaurant

    Lviv, str. Gorodotska, 85
  • Hotel «Europe»

    Solonka, v. Solonka, 31 Stryyska St.
  • Hotel «Galaktyka»

    Lviv, Vynnyky, 21b Galytska St.
  • Geneva Restaurant

    Lviv, 6 Kostyushko str.
  • Club Studio Cafe «Harmony»

    Lviv, str. Knyazya Romana, 12
  • Hashtag Lounge & Bar

    Lviv, 20 Halytska St.
  • Restaurant «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda»

    Lviv, 2a Volodymyr Velyky St.
    Restaurant «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda» in Lviv. Address: Lviv, 2a Volodymyr Velyky St., 3D photos, menu, prices and description, reviews. Restaurant «Hutsuls'ka Grazhda» on Lviv map. Bon appetit!
  • Hotel «Jam» Rakovets

  • Jam Hotel on Kopernika Street

    Lviv, 18-A Kopernika St.
  • Restaurant - café - banquet hall "Jem"

    Rakovets, the route Kyiv-Chop (17 km from Lviv)
  • Kohut Hosper Bar

    Lviv, 6 Kostiushka St.
  • Komora Restaurant

    Obroshyne, v. Obroshyno, 11 Dovga Street (150 m left at the entrance to Obroshyno)
  • Brewery «Kumpel»

    Lviv, 2 Б Chornovola ave.
  • Author flower coffee house "Kvitkava"

    Lviv, Voloshyna st. 2
  • Restaurant «Leopolia»

    Lviv, str. Syhivska, 22
  • Love & Lviv family restaurant

    Lviv, 66 Stryiska St.
  • Hotel «Mars»

    Malekhiv, 16 Kyivs'ka St.
  • Restaurant «Navariya Nova»

    Navariya, Navariya
  • Restaurant «Nostalgia»

    Lviv, str. Serbska, 6
  • Hotel & Resort «Ozerny Kray»

    Pustomyty, 60 Stavkova St.
  • Restaurant «Ozernyi Kray»

    Pustomyty, Pustomyty, 60 Stavkova St.
  • Restaurant «Ozero» («The Lake»)

    Navariya, Navariya
  • PANORAMA Lviv Hotel

    Lviv, 45 Svobody avenue
    Opera 4 Stars Hotel in Lviv keeps all the best traditions of elegant classical service and enjoys the world experience of hotel and restaurant business leading figures. Located in the heart of Lviv hotel offers you a beautiful panorama of the city from the windows of the eponymous Panorama restaurant, giving unforgettable memories of your
  • Panorama Restaurant

    Lviv, 45 Svobody avenue
    Want to see the center of Lviv at a glance? Panorama Restaurant at the Opera hotel in Lviv invites all visitors to enjoy unsurpassed views over the city from the comfortable terrace or in the hall.
  • Picasso Night club

    Lviv, Zelena str., 88
  • Pidpilnyi Kindrat

    Lviv, Valova St., 25
  • Ratusha Cafe

    Lviv, 1 Market Square
  • Banquet hall «Reikartz Dworzec»

    Lviv, str. Gorodotska, 107
  • Pub «Robert Doms' beer house»

    Lviv, 18 Kleparivska St.
    Pub & Restaurant «Robert Doms» in Lviv. Address: Lviv, 18 Kleparivska St. Live beer, 3D photo, menu and prices, photo and reviews. «Robert Doms' beer house» n Lviv map. Bon appetit!
  • Szkocka Restaurant & Bar

    Lviv, 27 Shevchenko Av.
  • Restaurant «Skifia»

    Zymna Voda, s. Zymna Voda, str.Opilskogo,15
  • Skotyna Restaurant

    Lviv, 7b Naukova St.
  • Hotel «Status»

    Malekhiv, 6 Kyivs'ka St.
    Hotel-restaurant «Status»3 * in Lviv (Malekhiv) creates an exceptional atmosphere, a unique environment for your holiday with the care of professional and friendly staff. You will remember the interior features and character of the hotel.
  • Yapi «Sushi Island»

    Lviv, 6-8 Svoboda Ave
  • Restaurant «Tartak»

    Lviv, str. Gorodotska, 222
  • Taurus Hotel

    Lviv, Knyazya Svyatoslava sq., 5
  • Restaurant «The Casanova»

    Lviv, 7 Stavropigijska St.
  • The Grill — The Mexican Restaurant & Steak house

    Lviv, 22 Teatralna St.
    There are delicious grilled dishes (name of institution speaks for itself), as well as excellent service and a nice prices in The Grill restaurant in Lviv. Menu and waiters will tell you about each piece of meat and fish, you want to try.
  • Tlustyi Husak Restaurant

    Lviv, 20 Lesi Ukrainky St.
    Restaurant medieval cuisine "Tlustyy Goose" in the historical center of the city: original dishes and drinks according to old recipes and wildfowl, cozy atmosphere and interesting thematic programs, accompanied by live music. Daily breakfast and business lunches.

Objects found: 305
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